Carter Davidson

Nora Witten – “Ode to Joy” and “Alouette”

Sara Centner – “One Call Away”

Hayden Horn – “Shake it Off”

Carly Hallett – “Ophelia”

Lola Lignugaris

Drake Dominey

Alison Berman

Isabel Neuman

Sadie Witten – “Wagon Wheel” and “Devil’s Dream”

Nevie Scheinfeld

Carly Bynum – “You’re so Vain”

Leila Heller – “The Cave”

Sophia Dominey – “Here Comes the Sun,” “I Don’t Know My Name”

Jeffrey Hallett – “Not Fire, Not Ice,” “Victims of Life”

Phoebe Mullig – “Back on Track”

Lexi Wernick – “Morning Song”

Alessia Sacchi – “Love Yourself”

Patrick Rebillot

Kate Rebillot

Will Henry Hosking

Gavin Sender

Hudson Miyake

Sawyer Miyake

Cannon Riley

Zoe Albert

Meyrav Melino

Maddux Critz

Jacob Balsley

Boyd Balsley

Padraig Mahoney

Aisling Mahoney

Aine Mahoney